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Shutter response time: <0.001s, Darkness percent: 0.0001%
time:2022-09-27 09:57

Amid operation of intense pulse lights for beauty,  IPL devices emit intense pulse lights and other harmful lights. Therefore, the operator should cover their eyes with suitable safety spectacles against hazardous lights ( e.g,  strong electric arc, laser lights, etc. ).It aims to solve these problems in an appropriate and creative way. We integrated latest electronic detection technique into this spectacles, to realise real-time shuttering reaction



Shutter response time: <0.001s

Darkness percent: 0.0001%



  • Please examine the quality before use of this product. Firstly, please slightly rock the spectacles towards to light,  immediately observe the lens whether quickly darken or not.  Otherwise, you have to check the battery.

  • Store IPL shutter glasses in protective box while not in use of it, aiming to avoid exposure in lights and save battery lifetime.

  • Battery: CR2032, Replace battery from its compartment at top of spectacles.

  • This is a high value product. If you have any questions, Please leave messages to us.  We do not accept return without reason.



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IPL Speed Shutter Spectacles for 190-2000nm intense pulse lights devices

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